Work Ethic

Businesses are not easy to start and successfully manage. Choices of who and what to invest in becomes extremely difficult. The internet is now the most common resource for consumer information, but how do you get started on investing in your web presence? That is why I'm here.


The web was intended to allow the public access to information on all levels of significance. For your business, it is vital that your design and content clearly communicates to the viewer. Whether it be a photography blog, a law firm, or a restaurant, it is vital that it portrays the culture of your business.


2018 will mark my 9th year as a software developer. Below is a chart that accurately shows my skill in some mentioned languages:



Very uncommonly known by people in the market for web sites, most web sites generated by businesses such as or rarely validate to W3 Consortium standards.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

What good is a web site that nobody ever views? Optimization is the key to changing how effective your place online will be. It is critical to have the following:

  • Low image sizes with quality formats
  • Organized content and a sitemap for web spiders (like Google)
  • Registration with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other major engines
  • Keywords and other meta values to associate searches with your site

Online Marketing

After optimization, getting the word of your business to the public is what will make your investment in me worth it. I offer several different options in pursuing your target market through different advertising programs.


If you're interested in creating your web presence, have a peek at the ways we can connect on my contact page.